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“Blast to the Past: David”

is the theme for this

summer’s VBS. 

*****VBS Update 5/19*****

In an effort to better prepare (disinfect & sanitize) for church re-openings and re-gatherings, our VBS Leadership Team has decided to postpone our Vacation Bible School to our secondary week, July 6-10. We have also posted a list of ways we are taking necessary precautions in preparation for this year's VBS below. Hopefully, this list will help put parent's minds & hearts at ease with steps we are taking to ensure the well-being of everyone in attendance.


We will still keep the same schedule of 5:30pm-8:30pm each evening. VBS is open to preschool (3's & 4's) through rising 6th grade.

If you have not yet registered, there is still time and still room for you to do so.  And remember, we will be offering classes for BOTH teens and adults this year as well!

All of us here at FBC Batesburg hope that you are staying healthy and safe as bans continue to be lifted! We hope you will make plans to come and be with us at Blast to the Past: David!


Click here to register for VBS or volunteer as a VBS worker.

How are we keeping you & your kids safe during these times?

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  1. We have adjusted our nightly schedule to accommodate smaller classes broken out by grade. Our preschoolers don’t move through the same rotations as our older kids, so they remain in one or two classrooms for the duration of the evening. The older kids are broken out by grade: K5, 1ST, 2ND, 3RD, 4TH, & 5TH. Class sizes, including preschool, will be limited to 10 per class.

  2. We will have more rotations this year to accommodate the 6 groups, as to prevent overlap. Our rotations are: MUSIC, STORYTELLING, MISSIONS, MOVIE, MARKETPLACE, and GAMES. Each rotation lasts appx. 20min.

  3. This year, we are utilizing our larger rooms to host our rotations, in hopes to still practice safe and healthy social distancing. MUSIC will be in our sanctuary, STORYTELLING in our choir room, MISSIONS and MOVIE both in larger SS classrooms, MARKETPLACE in the entire children’s wing of the church, and GAMES in our youth room. **New this year--Adult VBS classes will be offered in our Fellowship Hall and Youth VBS will be hosted in another larger SS class.

  4. In order to practice healthy distancing as we move kids from room-to-room, we are using pieces of rope with a knot tied every 5 feet. Each child with hold onto the rope AT the knot. This will also help with orderly lines and keeping kids on one side of the hall at all times.

  5. We will have as many doors propped open as possible, as to prevent constant surface touch interactions. If we do have to open/close doors due to noise, it will be by one of our workers. Doors will also be wiped down with disinfectant following every rotation.

  6. We will have hand sanitizer stations located outside of each rotation door, so that as kids exit, they can sanitize.

  7. Rotation rooms will be sanitized each evening, including wiping down surfaces and disinfecting sitting areas.

  8. In accordance to CDC guidelines, all adults and teen volunteers will have their temperature taken and asked to answer a brief questionnaire concerning COVID-19 exposure each night prior to opening our doors. Each attending child will also have their temperature taken at Registration and answer the same questionnaire. If the volunteer or attendees’ temp registers 99.5 or higher, or they have a positive response to any of the questions on the form, then they will politely be turned away.

Please understand that this is a tentative gameplan based on current recommendations from State officials and the CDC concerning social distancing and COVID-19. None of these guidelines are set in stone. FBC Batesburg wants to make sure we are doing our very best to keep the kids, teens, and adults of our community safe and healthy. If anything changes with government regulations as it pertains to public gatherings, we will also make changes accordingly.

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