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Interested in helping?     We'd love to have you on our team!

Here's the simple truth: Sometimes it's just hard to find a place to fit in; a place where you can feel like the work you're doing actually makes a difference. To use the old cliche', this is where the rubber meets the road: at our local church. This is a place where you can make the largest impact in what the future holds for you, and for your family.


We want to be a church; a home; where you not only feel welcome to join us in worship by song and preaching, we also want you to be able to help others feel that way. We have a number of positions where you can probably fit right in and make a huge difference.


From child care, to greeting folks at the door, to building and grounds maintenence, we have a place where your best efforts will be appreciated and recognized.


Call us or email us to see where you can fit in, where your strengths can be exercised.

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