***Revised & Updated*** Re-Opening Plan for FBC Batesburg


A. We have currently reopened most church ministries for public gathering.

We hold Morning Worship, Sunday School, Sunday & Wednesday Evening Adult Bible Studies, WMU,

and Youth & Children’s activities in designated areas where proper social distancing standards can be met.



Cleaning and Social Distancing Plan


B. Bibles, hymnals, and other pew materials have been removed to lessen

     possible surface contact of COVID-19. After each service we will

     clean and sanitize all pews, door knobs, and other high traffic surface areas.


C. Offering plates will not be passed during the service. Instead, offering boxes will be

     available at the entrances/ exits of the Worship Center for individuals to give their

     offerings. Giving will also be available online, by mail, or by dropping it off at the

     church office. Click here to be redirected to our GIVING page.


D. During all public gatherings at the church including, but not limited to, Worship,     

     Sunday School, Bible studies, and prayer meetings we ask that social distancing

     standards be observed. For this reason there will be no “Greet Your Neighbor”

     during Sunday morning worship. Also, please do not congregate in the Welcome

     Center or the foyer of the church.


E. We encourage wearing a mask, if possible.


F. Hand sanitizer stations are available in high-traffic areas throughout the church.


G. To those in our congregation who may be at risk because of

     their age, underlying health conditions, or who are/ or have been sick, we

     ask that you please stay home and watch our services on Facebook Live or

     on the church website.


H. Due to the 6 foot recommendation of social distancing by National and  

     State officials, the seating arrangements in the Worship Center have been 

     altered to meet this recommendation. This may mean that some of

     our members will not be able to sit in the “regular” place or on their “usual” pew

     on Sunday mornings. Families will be asked to sit together.


I.  Temperatures will be taken for the first several months that we are back together.

    No-contact, infra-red thermometers will be used. Anyone with a temperature

    above 99.5 degrees will politely be turned away and encouraged to watch the 

    Worship services on-line. Please click here to be redirected to our Facebook page.



We prayerfully ask for your flexibility and understanding during these times as Church leadership attempts to comply with policies and regulations as determined by government officials during this COVID-19 pandemic.

10am in Room 209